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Category:eIquidus Block Explorer
Sub Category:New Feature
Funding Goal:50000 EXOR(~$102.75 USD total)*
Funded:25000 / 50000 EXOR(~$51.38 USD remaining)*
Funding Address:EYuoA6AmeSmamT9GXmysAHpNjqa7mskrRB
Date Added:17-Dec-2022

The new "Extracted By" field will contain the wallet address that mined a particular block. Adding an "Extracted By" field to the tx database will allow displaying the mining wallet address on the homepage, block page and transaction page.

The following changes will need to be made:

  1. Add an extracted_by field to the tx model which stores the address hash
  2. Modify the save_tx function to pull the mining winners address and store it in the new address hash field in the tx model
  3. Add an "Extracted By" column to the grid on the homepage that displays the new extracted_by field from the tx database (make sure to include rl_labels.pug to display custom labels). Also add an "Extracted By" column to the table near the top of the block and transaction pages

Please note that this feature will require a full resync of the block data to display "Extracted By" for previously synced blocks and transactions.

* USD estimates are based on the last known EXOR trading price