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Category:eIquidus Block Explorer
Sub Category:New Feature
Funding Goal:125000 EXOR(~$256.38 USD total)*
Funded:1250 / 125000 EXOR(~$253.81 USD remaining)*
Funding Address:ESrGifSfBfFzG1hebBsmm8xrvdoWkDpxct
Date Added:17-Dec-2022

The current options for burned coins only allows excluding burned addresses from appearing in the top 100 page as well as adding a "Burned Coins" section to the "Wealth Distribution" chart. The proposed feature would require the following changes:

  1. To do a proper cleanup of the settings, the "burned_coins" setting should be moved out of the "richlist_page" settings into its own root-level option in the settings.json.
  2. Also in the settings.json, a new option called "subtract_burned_coins_from_coin_supply" should be added to the "burned_coins" settings which is what will allow burned coins to be omitted from the total supply.
  3. Update the sync code to check if any of the current transactions being processed include a burned address on the sending or receiving end, and save the amount going in or out from that address to a new running total called "burned_coins" in the stats collection. This can be done regardless of whether burned addresses are set up to be removed from the coin supply or not via the new "subtract_burned_coins_from_coin_supply" option.
  4. All places in the code where the current coin supply is returned will need to be updated to check the "subtract_burned_coins_from_coin_supply" option and if enabled, will return the real supply minus burned coins.
  5. The "include_burned_coins_in_distribution" option will need to be adjusted slightly so that if it is enabled AND the "subtract_burned_coins_from_coin_supply" option is also enabled, it will subtract the burned coins from the "Wealth Distribution" breakdown instead of adding it.
  6. Add a new script which can be run on-demand that will sum the balances of all burned coin addresses and overwrite the stats.burned_coins value with the combined balance of all burned addresses. This script will be useful for existing installations that already did a full sync before this feature was available.
* USD estimates are based on the last known EXOR trading price